Big Chip it maybe but…..

Last week I was enjoying a night out celebrating the success of our vibrant digital industry sector at the annual Big Chip Awards.
Nothing to do with the deep fried potato variety but everything to do with the big cheeses of the online world it was a good night with good company. But the in-house caterers get my first-ever Veggie Villains award.
Picture the scene – large, steaming plates of rosy looking roast beef being delivered for the carnivores of the table while the veggies wilted for an eternity (well 15 minutes).
Finally it arrived – an indescribable looking plate of veg which evaded my camera because of the darkness of the venue. I shall paint the depressing picture in words. On the top was a pastry case filled with mushy broccoli heads. No sauce, dressing, cheese, flavourings, nothing vaguely culinary happening in that sad, detached case – just overcooked broccoli heads.
This sat on something I believe was a potato, seemingly cooked by the method employed by airlines – solid, and tasteless. This was swimming in an oversweet tomato sauce which had the consistency of the sort of vomit prompted by a dodgy prawn curry washed down with a bottle of red wine. Accompanying this was the ubiquitous vegetable kebab. Now I’ve seen many varieties over the years from char-grilled and tasty (Dimitri’s) to the deep-fried brussel sprout version I was once offered (Scotland!) so this steamed version of the skewer was actually quite passable if a little bland.
The entire combination was about as tasty as eating a mouse-mat – perhaps the caterers could do something with that feedback and work a themed meal around bytes, mice and cookies with of course, some chips, for next year’s event.


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