Food as medicine

arthritis.jpg WITH all the talk last week focusing around complementary therapies, Prince Charles and NHS funding, it was refreshing to hear about a top doctor who has undertaken clinical trials on the idea of food as medicine.
The idea that nutrition can play a major part in health doesn’t seem to be in the slightest controversial to me but moving such debates away from emotional anecdotes to credible science requires a rigorous approach.
One such pioneer is Dr. Gail Darlington, Senior Specialist in Rheumatology and Lead Clinician for Research at the Epsom and St. Helier University Hospitals Trust.
She was one of the interviewees on this week’s The Food Programme on Radio 4 about her research into the role of diet in some forms of arthritis.
The programme also debunked some common myths and provided some fascinating information about the powerful use of Omega 3 fish oil.
Recently hailed as both a major breakthrough for children’s development and maybe skin cancer to being somewhat de-bunked by a British Medical Journal study, it seems that fish oils are never far from the scientists microscope.
Dr Darlington and other open-minded scientists may find some hope for sufferers of this debilitating condition, which affects more the seven million people in the UK, is on hand in the humble kitchen rather than the fat-profits of the drug company test tubes.
The interview is available as a podcast for the rest of the week and is well worth a listen for anybody who has an interest in finding ways to alleviate the effects of arthritis.
Here’s some other useful resources as well;
Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC)
Diet and Arthritis by Dr. Gail Darlington and Linda Gamlin, published by Vermilion can be ordered at Amazon.
Nutrition and Arthritis by Dr. Margaret Rayman published on the 25th July by Blackwell Publishing


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