The risotto debate

risotto.jpg Do you stir? One of my colleagues claims a good risotto is all in the stirring. A good 20 minutes of circular arm motion is, he says, the proper way to a good Italian style risotto.
He even pulls saint Delia in as the source for this knowledge. I, on the other hand believe that it shouldn’t be stirred and quote some half-remembered radio programme as my source for this piece of culinary information.
Looking around for evidence to back up either argument it seems that Delia does indeed advocate “a great deal of stirring” while my hazy recollection that it had something to do with the Slow Food Organisation seems to have been mislaid by Google.
Is Delia the final word? Can an Italian come to my rescue here?
Talking of rice, has anyone tried out the newish Rice café in Piccadilly Gardens? I’m going to pop in this week I think – it always smells so good when I’m passing and there can’t be anything wrong about a place that devotes itself to the humble grain which sustains more than half of the world’s human population. Can there?


One thought on “The risotto debate

  1. I run an Italian restaurant and have been trained in several different ways of making risotto, all of them have required a lot of gentle stirring. The stirring causes the starch in the rice to be released making a creamier dish. Don’t stir briskly or you can break the grains of rice.


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