Lunch break: Rice

In my quest for a lunch which doesn’t contain the new enemy of bread (more on this) I ventured into “trendy, exotic” world of Rice up at Piccadilly Gardens. Ignoring this rather cheesy entrance description I thoroughly enjoyed a different sort of lunch from the one Earl Sandwich consigned us all to in 1765.
A paper container stuffed full of Japnese tofu and veg was a welcome change – and of course it came with rice. As the name of the eaterie makes clear, they have a thing about rice in here. While I plumped for the recommended Indian white rice, Himself got all exotic and had some minted rice to accompany a satisfying Moroccan lamb tangine.
Tastes from all around the world are offered here – and its not just rice based dishes.
I spied a Malaysian duck laksa with noodles and the range of vegetarian meals on offer make this lunch option my first ever Veggie Hero.
To go along with this rather diverse set of tastes there’s some good coffee on sale and also some unusual drinks and sweets. I sampled a plum flavoured health drink from Korea which was very quaffable if rather synthetic in flavour.ricer.jpg
The food is fast, tasty and cooked up in front of you at a vast counter but the ambience is lacking if you’re looking to chill out for a leisurely lunch. The permanently open door and seating around the edges left me feeling like I was sitting in a corridor.
PLUS: It’s fast food but it’s healthy.
MINUS: Disposable tableware – not good for the environment or the eating experience. Wash up!
VALUE: Lunch for two cost £14.


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