Food envy in the Big Brother house

The politics of food has become a big issue in the Big Brother house.
Food as reward, the use of food to divide and rule and the ongoing appalling standard of cooking displayed by the largely post domestic science era housemates is catching my eye with the nightly television goings-on.
Last night’s show was particularly revealing in the food stakes.
The usual bickering that happens with any shared house started predictably enough over
hogging all the cornflakes. richard.jpg
Not only that, but the sugar as well. Seeing the gusto with which he finished the bowl perhaps the under-nourished Nikki had a point.
But the master-stroke of division came with the task involving the newest housemate inviting just four of her housemates to what was described repeatedly as a “lavish” dinner party.
Granted it was a huge improvement of the overcooked pasta and dried out fish which has been much in evidence until now but “lavish”?
Roasted sea trout seemed a good, healthy choice and the seasonal addition of broad beans earned it another mark in the right direction.
The desert involving raspberries also seemed a good menu choice for a summer evening of alfresco dining but not that lavish.
I suppose the feeling of luxury was generated in the green eyes of those housemates who felt snubbed by the whole experience as they tucked into a rather dismal looking spag bol.
But the disgruntled call to boycott the post dinner chocolates only held for ummm….. two seconds.
Just goes to prove that you may be able to create division by using food in a political way but in the end, chocolate will heal the divide and promote peace and harmony. If only real life was like that.

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