Justin’s hot ‘n smokey mackerel pate


Recipe provided by Justin Webb of Eccles(pictured).

What you need
1 packet of smoked peppered mackerel from the chill cabinet.
1/2 asmall tub of low fat cream cheese.
Good squeeze of lemon juice.
About two tablespoons of horseradish – the more expensive the better.
10 minutes.

What to do

Basically you just mix alll these things together and mash them up with a fork, adjusting the amount of lemon juice and horseradish to taste.
Doing this with a fork gives a course mixture – perfect for crusty bread for a light supper – or the mixture can be blended to give a finer finish for entertaining.
My verdict.
I make this lots. It’s cheap, healthy, very tasty plus it can be dressed up or down depending on the company. I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t like it yet. Safe bet for entertaining.
Have you got a recipe for me? If so send it with a photo of yourself and tell me who you are. If it looks tasty enough, I’ll try it out.


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