More Big Brother food delights

The bizarre breath-smelling contest featured on last night’s Big Brother means it caught my attention again. The disgusting ritual of sniffing contestants’ breath to guess what they had been eating did provoke some insightful reactions though.
Thanks to Nikki for pointing out that pickled onions are “quite vinegary” – a true revelation. But I was very impressed that the housemates correctly guessed the small of oysters – obviously some sophisticated palates hiding among the pasta nad corflake munchers of the house. Perhaps some gourmet treats will be served up later in the series.
BB bosses laid on bubbly, beer, sushi and canapes following the housemates’ success in the Death Breath test but this didn’t really satisfy the housemates. “Was it worth smelling Lisa’s eggy burps for this?” asked Lea. Thank heavens for a lack of smellyvision.
But at least their latest round of food related testing does give me the excuse to upload this lookey-likey file which came my way last week.
Its cruel, so cruel but, hey, that’s Big Brother. Crack open another garlic glove and enjoy.
Download file


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