Old chefs never die….

They just go past their use-by date.
And that’s what’s happened to one of my favourite chefs, Robert Carrier, who exited the kitchen stage left last week, after 82 years of broiling, boiling and basting his way around the world.
In the late 70s and early 80s, Carrier was a regular on British TV screens, with his drawly American accent and fondness for Moroccan tastes, and Caribbean influences. In the dark days of our culinary revolution, Carrier was among the first to popularise vegetarian options (and as a young veggie, I will always be grateful to him for that.)
Carrier was a gourmand, and a gourmet. He managed to maintain a belief in slow-food (during an era of microwaves and grills), while still making his recipes accesible to the mainstream. Later on, his recipes became quicker and even healthier, showing his clever appreciation of modern lifestyle trends.
Read up on Carrier on his wiki, or why not buy one of his books. I guarantee you will like his recipes!
In recent years the chef had retired to Provence to paint pictures, replaced by your Jamies and your Ainsleys. But what Carrier had, that today’s chefs lack, was a certain sense of class – and no amount of money, as we all know, can buy you that….
Robert Carrier: November 10, 1923, died June 27, 2006


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