Review: Punters Bistro, Salford

I’VE found a new restaurant not a fiver’s taxi-ride away from my house, and I was that impressed I’m going to tell you all about it.
Punters Bistro has been going for years, apparently. How weird that a little gem of a place could remain off my radar for so long!
Cleverly built into the ground floor of an end-of-terrace house, the bistro is all wooden tables and dark green paintwork, with those chi-chi little accoutrements on the shelves like clay bottles, and biscuit tins and the like.
At only £16 for two courses, or £18 for three, Punters is a ‘take you own booze’ venue – which means it’s a fabulous bargain of a night out.
I plumped for the veggie courses throughout, bien sur, opening with a lovely spinach pancake mornay which came still sizzling from the grill. For such simple ingredients the dish was a ‘taste sensation’ as they say in the adverts – truly scumptious, creamy and cheesy and satisfying.
The sweet potato and lentil curry main course was less impressive, but still very adeptly cooked. I would have preferred more sweet potato for my money, and perhaps a dip or two (why do I still feel deprived when everyone else is eating steak?).
In a party of six I got a good look at a lot of the dishes. The ones that were passed round amid much lip-smacking were the Punters mussels au gratin starter, and the sizzling garlic mushrooms.
Every plate was emptied and mopped up with bread, if that’s any indication of how much everyone enjoyed the grub! The steak fan said his steak was beautiful, the chicken fan said her chicken was superb, and the drunk one kept kissing everybody and saying how much fun she was having.
Each main came with a big bowl of seasonal vegetables too, which were crisply cooked rather than soggy, like so many places.
There was a specials board, with some exotically named dishes I can’t now recall – but the berry pudding from that selection looked as sinful as it’s name suggested, and the drunk one promptly finished that off with gusto (not a side-dish I’ve ever eaten, but there you go).
Seating about 40 covers, Punters is, shall we say, a bijou bistro. In fact, the ladies golf team which was there the night we visited took up much of the floor space, and made nipping outside for a fag somewhat of an assault course.
That said, the cheery staff always on hand made the space issue less of a worry, and Punters was soon shaping up into the type of place I could imagine going for a cheap, relaxed dinner once a month or so.
I did take some photos of the food to share with you all. Sadly, I am a better eater than I am a technician, and they are still stuck in my mobile phone! I also have a very funny photo of a squiffy ladies golf team in full swing – but they’d push me in a bunker if I showed you that….
PUNTERS BISTRO: 194 Cromwell Road Salford M6 6DE (0161 792 1490)


8 thoughts on “Review: Punters Bistro, Salford

  1. I also attended Punters Bistro for a quiet evening out with my husband and was very impressed by all e.g. service, surroundings, price etc. They do a lovely pear and ginger pud. which reminds of my old Irish mothers ….just the thing to perk you up on a winters day! Well worth a visit, try the early evening menu too – great value for money. Keep it up Punters!!


  2. this sounds so good now i have read this i am chomping on the bit to get a table! i think i will try and go tonight. the food described by Mr Webb sounds sooooo yummy. well done Mr Webb for sharing this little gem.


  3. I thought it was worth mentioning The New Oxford on Bexley Square, chapel street, salford, now does food in the evening, curry nights on a monday night, the rest of the week varies from lasagne, chicken, steak etc… well worth a try. Dont forget they have happy hour from 4 till 8 and for all you real ale drinkers they have 4 real ales on each week, bazens, moorhouses…
    Tuesday night is quiz night.
    Wednesday night is blues night.
    Thursday night is boozy bingo.
    Sunday night is open mic.
    It is a nice and friendly atmosphere.


  4. I have been to punters on plenty of occassions , FANTASTIC FOOD , service , nothing is too much trouble , staff never in a rush to move you off your table .
    I would go back time again and recommend to anyone.


  5. I have been going to Punters for many years and we are going tonight for my mother-in-laws 70th b’day. Everytime I plan to go I always say I will have a different starter but always end up having the garlic mushrooms sizzling in front of me, I always try and wait for them to cool down but always burn my tongue. Roll on tonight xx


  6. Im from Leeds so this isn’t a short drive for me, or something i could do everyweek, but i know the owners so i try to get over at least once a year. As everyone else seems to be saying – the food is superb, service is fantastic, and with it being bring your own booze, its relatively cheap and well worth the 50 mile journey.


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