Does food taste better on holiday?

It’s a tale of two halves this but no north south divide is intended. First the bad news. A week in the Yorkshire Dales prompted some disappointments. I should here add a caveat to this experience – I really love the Dales, spend a lot of time there and do know of some good places to eat.
But what a bad weekend we had searching for a Sunday lunch for two meat eaters and a fish-eating vegetarian. Surely it shouldn’t be difficult but sadly it was for three different establishments as we drove around hungry – “the chef’s on holiday”, “we could find some lasagne in the freezer” and a pub which seemed to be entirely run by children in a state of chaos. We ended our fruitless drive out at the King’s Head Hotel in Richmond which served up two very passable lamb Sunday roasts with all the trimmings and some tasty poached haddock for our guest.
So onto the good news – Cornwall. What fantastic place and a food lover’s heaven. We didn’t find a bad meal or service anywhere. Like just about everyone I’ve spoken to about Cornwall, it’s a place I hadn’t been to since childhood. Perhaps it’s the childhood fondness which helps colour the experience – a bit like finding rice pudding again after a long absence.
For anyone hoping to get away this summer then here’s a couple of recommendations:
Castaways, Mylor Harbour. What a versatile bar and restaurant. Fish specials and tapas dishes the speciality here. Particularly noteworthy was the hake with roasted vegetables which had perfectly cooked flaking fish and summer veg with just the perfect crunch as well as a tapas dish of Jamaican style fish pieces which had a jerk chicken-like spices to complement the salad.
The Sticky Prawn. Located right on the harbourside in the small village of Flushing (near Falmouth) this little seafood restaurant has it all. Quirky, hut-like building, inventive menu, fabulous views and a water taxi stop within stumbling distance.
After discovering it for lunch we were so impressed that we had to go back for our last night and we weren’t disappointed. The local scallops were served in a sweet but never sickly sauce while the halibut steak halibut.jpg
lived up to all my expectations. Firm, succulent almost buttery flesh cooked to the point where it just wants to fall off your fork and evade you.
The puddings were just as spectacular with the rhubarb and ginger crumble with stem ginger ice-cream being relished with particular relish by Himself who ordered it twice.
Leaving for the last water taxi home, this truly memorable meals was made even more special by the journey “home” across the harbour under the summer skies in a speeding boat.
And after that, it’s back to the eateries of Greater Manchester and boy have they got something to live up to this week.
Being without internet access during this break I must also say thanks to Justin for keeping this blog on the boil while I’ve been off and I’ll certainly be trying out his latest mouthwatering recommendations.


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