Scrambled eggs with V Pud

A recent shopping trip led to a V Pud purchase and I came up with this as a way to enjoy it for supper or a breakfast. Its quick to do and has a slightly spicy and herby tone to it.
Serves 2 and takes about 10 mins.
What you need
Four free range eggs.
A V pud.
Two slices of toasted rye bread.
Dash of milk.
Splash of oil.
Two good handfuls of washed baby spinach leaves.
Black pepper.
Brown sauce.
What to do
Chop the V Pub into small chunks.
Beat the eggs together using a fork.
Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan but don’t allow to get too hot.
Pour in the eggs mixture.
At this point I always add a dash of milk to scrambled eggs but I think I’m on my own with that.
Keep the mixture moving and as soon as it starts to solidify, throw in the V Pud and keep stirring.
In the meantime, put the spinach leaves with the water from washing still clinging to them in a pan with a lid and put on the heat until wilted.
Once the eggs are the constituency you like, pile on top of the spinach on top of the toast and serve with a good helping of black pepper and a generous dollop of brown sauce. (Eggs just isn’t eggs without brown sauce)
Let me know what you think of this recipe or send me your favourite. If it looks tasty I’ll try it out.


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