Give us GUYS a break, guys

I’ve noticed there’s a creeping trend about how restaurant staff address customers which needs stamping out before it takes hold across our fair city.
I’ve witnessed it in numerous places but the worst offender has to be Wagamama in Hardman Street.
After ten repetitions of this new pet hate, I lost count during my visit for a quick pre-cinema meal last night.
“Hi GUYS”, “can I get you GUYS a drink?”, “do you GUYS know what you want yet?” and even “It’s good to have salad when it’s hot isn’t it GUYS?”. (Which also falls foul of the “talking inane rubbish” rule)
And it wasn’t just one member of staff – it’s all of them. Is this some sort of corporate missive from the food chain to address everyone like this? Am I alone in not wanting to be referred to as a GUY?
OK, Wikipedia may make the claim that the plural is not always gender specific but I still maintain that I’m not a guy, never have been and never intend to be, friends assure me I don’t look like a guy and I’m not known for butch dressing.
Would the same servers rush up to a party of men to inquire. “Would you ladies like a beer?” Could “ladies” in the plural become non-gender specific if used often enough? Trials to establish this could end up with a lot of punch-drunk waiting staff in some quarters I think!
So come on restaurant managers, just keep it simple. A polite inquiry about what a customer wants to order doesn’t need to be a chummy, over familiar and potentially insulting greeting.


One thought on “Give us GUYS a break, guys

  1. Personally, I find GUYS an irritating American import. Over cheery, and too familiar.
    However, it’s not a patch on SIR, over used in a place with aspirations. Would SIR, like a bread roll, can I pour the wine for you SIR.
    Look, you’re a waiter/ess, of course you can pour the wine, deliver bread rolls etc., that’s what you are paid to do!
    How about the simple pronoun YOU. We all know what you mean when you use it, and there’s no need for any of this forelock tugging deference.
    And yes, I do know how to top up my own wine glass. Neil Sowerby in a recent MEN food review called them wine botherers- I know what he means!


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