Marmite + Chocolate = publicity

Celebrity chef Gary Rhodes has been getting his name in the papers by inventing a new reason to love or hate Marmite – dessert.
The spiky-haired chef has created two toppings to go with coffee ice-cream using the new squeezy Marmite – a chocolate sauce and a syrup.
The creation apparently combines the aphrodisiac properties of chocolate and ice-cream with a dash of the famous yeast extract.
Perhaps he’s after courting some publicity, after all we haven’t seen much of him on the TV recently, but is Marmite ever going to be a good pudding ingredient?
It smacks of some other unholy food alliances – any meat dish that incorporates fruit for instance, especially if given a pretentious, pseudo-French sounding name.
But then chocolate seems to be creeping into all sorts of famous brands at the moment – ever looked at the ingredient list of Heinz’s new Mexican Beans? Chocolate is way up the list.
Is there a chocolate mountain looking for a new home? If so I can provide a suitable delivery address, no tampering with other foodstuffs required!
But although I’m firmly in the “love Marmite” camp, I think I’d rather keep my sweets, sweet and my savouries separate.


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