Liquid hell for Big Brother

The food torment in the Big Brother house reached new levels of cruelty last night.
Throughout this series the makers of the show have repeatedly used food as a way of controlling, rewarding and now punishing the housemates.
As the housemates face up to their basic rations – rice and chickpeas – BB held out the hope of some proper food to each of the contestants – only to cruelly swipe away the prize at the last minute.
It was hard not to feel sorry for Glyn as he was presented with a liquidised roast Welsh lamb dinner complete with raspberry pavlova.
The human equivalent of a hungry puppy did look truly upset as he tried to force down the evil-looking concoction.
And his lack of cooking skills ended up costing him even a meagre supper as he nearly succeeded in setting fire to the kitchen while looking for food.
Food must be one of the few relaxing things to do in the house so having it withdraw or restricted must feel like torture to the housemates.
This pitiful situation led me to consider some of the rather torturous cooking experiments I have on occasion (in the past, I hasten to add) put my long-suffering husband through. There was the humus made with unsoaked, uncooked chickpeas (thankfully so inedible neither of us were ill) and Yorkshire pudding batter which made a passable blancmange spring to mind.
Thinking about it, my difficulties have, on the whole, involved batter – the attempt at Korean pancakes being particularly memorable for having the consistency of flannels.
The only thing worse would be to be bombard your hungry guest with the smells or sights of freshly cooked food you couldn’t have while dishing up inedible offerings. Oh no, I may have just given the BB bullies a new idea.
BTW, Glyn, I’ve got a great recipe for Spanish chickpeas with rice if you’re interested – and it is certified truly fool proof.

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