Catch a chill in the heatwave

Being a bit of a soup and a sandwich girl at heart, the hottest day of the year (or will it make that the hottest day of all time?)provided a lunch dilemma.
Who wants a bowl of steaming hot soup when your non air-conditioned office is heading into the record books?
But the local branch of Eat (Spinningfields) had the perfect solution – Gazpacho.
I’ve never before been much of a fan of the cold soup but this was a cheery mixture and is the food antidote to the heatwave.
There’s enough red chilli and garlic to make it interesting and the texture is course enough to leave you feeling it’s a meal rather than a vegetable juice.
The label also claims it gives you three of the daily five a day vegetable portions so it makes you feel good about yourself as well.
Is there anything this little pot can’t do? Well, I’m told it looks rubbish worn as suncream…….

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