Pick up your pack up

A massive £1,600 a year is spent by office workers on sandwiches and snacks according to the food wrapping people Bacofoil. (They’re obviously not supporters of this trend as they want us all to wrap homemade butties in their product).
So what are people scoffing that could add up to such an amount?
The same survey also discovered that Britain’s favourite sarnie is a ham salad – what a depressingly dull choice and one which can’t be taking up all that cash.
Surely we can find something more exciting to do with our precious lunch time especially with such a generous budget?
I’ve worked out that you could buy 19 of the world’s most expensive sandwiches or just 1.6 slices of the world’s most expensive pie every year for that kind of money.
Your colleagues might look on in amazement as you swig back the 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild which comes along with the price tag on the pie but you can remain unmoved secure in the knowledge that their cheese and pickle bap is costing them just as much in the long-term.
* I was heartened to see Gordon Ramsay back my view of crocodile meat in last night’s F Word programme.
As she served up some skewered chunks of the odd tasting flesh, the fearless foodie Janet Street-Porter was told in no uncertain terms that the chef would never serve it in his restaurant. Janet, on the other hand was impressed and says she will be cooking it again. Well that just confirms which of the two dinner invites to accept if ever they come your way – should another reason ever be required.


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