Egg perfection on its way

The humble egg finds itself in hot water again today with the revelation of the self-timing egg.
Never again will the egg be too hard-boiled for a soldier or too runny for a sandwich if the idea from the British Egg Information Service takes off.
The self-timing egg is stamped with heat-sensitive invisible ink that turns black the minute that it is ready. All you need to do is decide whether you prefer your eggs soft, medium or hard-boiled, and buy accordingly
The organisation says it gets hundreds of queries about producing the perfect boiled egg and describes this as a “big issue”.
The self-timing eggs will go on sale this autumn but already the plan is scrambling public opinion – is it insulting to suggest people can’t even boil an egg or is it much more complicated than it first appears?
As Delia found out when advising the public back in 1998, there’s isn’t a universally accepted way of boiling an egg with some chefs advocating stirring and others claiming the amount of time the water boils is the key thing.
To help with the water problem student Ben Harris from Dublin has come up with the PerfEGG. He says his invention, a machine which keeps a constant water temperature for 8.5 minutes without boiling is the solution; “I love soft-boiled eggs with soldiers but I get so frustrated if I get the timing wrong and the egg is too hard to dip my soldiers in.”
All this talk leaves me wondering – is a watch such a difficult device to master?
Here’s some more advice on the subject;
* Cooking for 17 minutes and using ice cubes.
* Cool slowly.
* Start with room temperature eggs.
* Six Australian chefs give six different solutions which just goes to show what a global issue this is.
Do you have a trick with eggs? Let me know below.


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