Cats in the kitchen

Meow….it’s not a sound you want to hear in a restaurant! While dining in my local (and very good) Indian this week the shrill shound of a cat’s cry punctuated the room.
Diners, shifting anxiously in their seats looked around the room, underneath the embossed table cloths and then finally, the kitchen door swung open and we craned our necks to see into the busy kitchen before exchanging nervous laughs.
All this before an embarrased person in our midst answered their mobile phone. Bad choice of ring tone if you want a quiet meal out!
The cat pictured never actually arrived at the restaurant – he just looked suitably noisey.


16 thoughts on “Cats in the kitchen

  1. now THAT’S a CAT! and the “freakin stupid” person who can’t appreciate the whimsy of this rather hirstute animal hanging out in a restaurant should go back to rabid Republicans if s/he wants to admire something that thinks it’s oh, so clever.
    BTW, howz that war in Iraq going for y’all?
    neo-cons are losing. noisy, hairy cats are making a stand for personal freedom. YOU GO, KITTIES!!


  2. It makes me chuckle to see that you’re still commenting on this piece of silliness! But, however silly I might be for posting it – at least I can spell (sometimes anyway!)Come on – what makes sense about “dumn” and “mack”? Anonymity becomes you.


  3. Kris, what do cats have to do with anything resembling a political party? I’m a stauch conservative and I have 9 cats.
    I’m rabid?–you’re the one ranting.


  4. Check out the comment close to the top. You know what’s really dumb? Not being able to spell dumb. You know what doesn’t make sense? Not being able to spell sense.


  5. i thought that cat was so cuite!
    you shouldnt cut up a cat for food it is sick the people who do it must never go to sleep.
    sick peple these days


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