Lunch break: Katsouris

Katsouris’ reputation for a good lunch has spread quickly – so much so that its often hard to find a table to eat in and an express till has been put into service to deal with the crowds of people popping in to grab a quick bite.
The hot carvery sandwiches seem to be the big draw but I’ve also sampled some excellent homemade soups, which are often spicy and hearty, plus sandwiches of Greek ingredients and more basic fare all served on delicious varieties of bread from specialists Barbakan. I can particulary recomment the Halloumi with their own recipe green olive tapenade on wholemeal – it’s the kind of sandwich you yearn for at 11am on a boring, wet, weekday.
But on this particular trip I wanted to try out the vegetarian meze. What a feast for £4.95. The expected humus and tzatziki but then, so much more – couscous with vegetables, tiny, sweet red peppers, sun-dried tomato, mushrooms, herby courgettes, stuffed vine leaves the list is so endless it’s like a Generation Game memory challenge.
Download a clip of this feast
With a plentiful supply of aforementioned quality bread this is a serious veggie lunch. Definately deserves a Veggie Hero mention.
My verdict: The only downside I can see here is the smallish venue on the corner of Deansgate and John Dalton Street – time to move to bigger premises and let more of us in for more of the time.
Plus: Lots of choice, lots of treats.
Minus: Can be very crowded.
Value: Sandwiches are at the pricier end of the scale but I think the meze must be one of the best-value lunches in the city centre.


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