By ‘eck Steve, you’re in the clouds!

The city’s highest new chef could have stepped unwittingly into a bit of controversy with the description of his menu plans.
Speaking in today’s M.E.N, Steve McLoughlin he assures readers that his job as chef in the 561ft Beetham Tower will involve the “very best aspects of the north west’s produce”.
The chef who recently worked at the Cocoa Rooms and before that The Lowry, aspires to produce the finest cuisine in Manchester – sounds good so far.
But it’s the menu items detailed where the alarm bells start ringing – three fish in Boddingtons beer batter?
Come on Steve, we know you’re from leafy Altrincham but surely you must have heard – Boddingtons isn’t brewed in Manchester any more. Yes, the landmark tower is still there but there’s no-one home.boddies.jpg
Boddingtons is now only the Cream of Manchester for the marketing men so maybe your beer batter should include an ingredient brewed a little closer to home than Belgium.
P.S. If you want to learn more about Boddies great history, give these links a whirl:
Sights and sounds of the final day.

Save the Cream background

Owners InBev


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