Now pet, it’s chicken tonight

Himself has recently been forced to do his own catering and, surprisingly, he’s managed to avoid ordering from the pizza delivery services or buying food which requires the film to be piereced before consuming.
In fact I returned home following a few days away to find him waxing lyrical about a new dish he had “invented”.
Now previous culinary attempts haven’t really gone to well in the husband department. Long before he became the husband he attempted to impress me with various mixtures of soya and cold, tinned corn which were introduced as vegetarian chili and more recently he dished up something described as a “red meal” – a plate where all the ingredients were indeed red but sadly didn’t really go together in any other form of categorisation (like taste).
So this new found enthusiasm didn’t really leave me whetting my appetite for a gourmet treat but he was determined to show me how great it was after a particularly gruelling day at work, so what was I to do?
Settling in front of the television plugged into a Slendertone (no time for the gym) with a long Campari and soda in hand (Dutch courage), I steeled myself for what was to come as the kitchen door was firmly shut and the extractor fan roared on.
But enough of this husband bashing – it was very, very good. So good that I’ll feature the recipe a little more widely on this blog.
OK, he hadn’t gone as far as actually shopping as all the ingredients were in the fridge before I left, but I have to say I was impressed with the creative mixture and the resulting dish would be great served with brown rice.
As regular readers have probably already guessed, Himself chose to serve this new dish with chips – something which might explain why he’s also gone up a waist size since I’ve been away.


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