Love in The Lakes

Thankfully there wasn’t a whole calves head or ten varieties of torte on the menu but the wedding feast I’ve just been treated to was as extravagant as any banquet of the past.
Under clear, Cumbrian skies we have been eating, drinking and being merry for a very stylish wedding.
Now wedding food isn’t usually much to get the pulses racing but, when the couple that the word “fabulous” was invented for get hitched, things are done a little differently.
Billed on the invite as a special BBQ, this was more of a feast in the open air.
BBQs generally spell trouble for me – too many blackened sausages and incinerated cobs of corn to be a truly memorable eating experience but this was different.
There was Pimms, there was steak, there was chicken, there were chargrilled vegetables, there were salads galore, buttered new potatoes, freshly made coleslaw, strawberries, a mountainous supply of profiteroles and enough chocolate sauce to go swimming in. With a nod to the bride’s Jamaican roots the chef had concocted a fantastic jerk sauce with just the right amount of Scotch Bonnet making it through and the whole setting with the tablecloths and waiting staff made sure this was indeed a very special BBQ.

In fact the whole experience was something akin to a grown-up version of a Famous Five picnic but without the mutt.

In the grounds of Cragwood country house , overlooking Lake Windermere and accompanied by gospel singers it was a summer event not to be missed.
So all that remains for me to say is congratulations Sharon and Crawford – may your lives together always be just as fabulous.


One thought on “Love in The Lakes

  1. love in the lakes sharon and crawford gettin hitched there is almost nothing left to add this wedding had to be the best wedding i have ever attended and i have been to quite a few, food was delicious,never seen a barbie quite like it!! company was like wise so many beautiful people! all the best to you both sharon and crawford


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