Ever had good pub food?

I’ve recently been taken to task by two readers over my recent review of new city centre restaurant Bacchanalia.
The main objection from this letter writing couple appears to be my description of the type of food they serve as “good pub food” and informed us that they had never experienced food as good in any pub.
This baffled me slightly as most pub food I encounter these days is very good. There wasn’t any slight intended and, following a splendid lunch today at a pub near my home,

I had to wonder where the letter writer goes out if only so that I can avoid it at all costs.

My lunch at the Bull’s Head in Tintwistle was typical of the standards I thought we’d all come to expect – a menu with varied choices, specials, well-cooked and served up in a friendly atmosphere.
We’re not talking out-the-freezer-into-the-microwave pies here.
My salmon with asparagus fricassee was served with boulange potatoes while Himself never tires of scallops with bacon and these were as good and sweet as any served up in a restaurant. And the price? Most dishes at less then £10. So, I’m sorry my review didn’t give you the right impression about Bacchanalia, at least it was accurate.
But if the culinary wilderness where you live doesn’t improve soon then why not venture back to the city centre and try out The Bridge or The Ox to see how good pub food is done.
I can’t be alone in finding good pub food in the north west so let me know your recommendation via the comments below.


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