Chocs away for indulgence

Sometimes this job is such a hardship. As an example. Not only did I have to venture out of our stuffy offices into the lovely autumn sunlight, but I had to try hand-made chocolates, plus the most indulgent gateau I’ve ever eaten and wash it all down with some exquisite tea. I know, it’s a tough job but, someone has to do it.
I was lucky enough to be invited along to Manchester’s newest home for indulgence Plaisir du Chocolat.
These creators of exquisite hand-crafted chocolate have opened what they call a Salon du Thé on the ground floor of Harvey Nichols.
MD Peter Holden told me that he and his partner Sarah got into the chocolate business when they fell in love with these particular posh chocs during a trip to Edinburgh.
Not content with buying a few to bring home, they decided to set up in Manchester to share their new found obsession.
And now they are now marching north into Harrogate, York and Newcastle and even setting up overseas in Istanbul and the Middle East.
So what’s so special? Well just look at this for cake. cake.jpg
Apparently each slice contains the equivalent of about 15 individual chocolates. This raspberry and chocolate gateau is their best seller and you can take it from me that it’s a chocoholics idea of heaven. There was no way I could get through the whole slice – and I challenge anyone else to – but at £5 a go, why not share it. The chocolate ganache really is rich but the sponge is truly light. It’s a winning concoction.
And the chocs? chocs.jpg
Well the most striking thing to notice is the fine designs on each individual bonbon. This is created by lying an ultra-thin sheet of cocoa butter on to the chocolates. But then look a little closer at the offerings on the menu of individual chocolates.
There’s chocolates infused with orchid flowers, there’s star anise and even liquorice and lavender.
I tried out the Ronsard – a dark chocolate infused with the fragrant petals of the Eden Rose which also goes to make the perfumed but delicate Eden Rose tea (£2).
Then it was the more robust flavours of the chili choc Espelette, which like so many of their offerings was inspired by a French city.
By this time I was I’m afraid all chocced out but one thing’s for sure, these indulgencies will be visited again at some future date.
Sadly their enthusiasm for the dark stuff didn’t extend to the Plaisir du Chocolate people furnishing me with some goodies to share with my family and friends, but at least they were able to produce this list of fascinating facts which I can share with you.


One thought on “Chocs away for indulgence

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