Sunday roast is tops

THE nation’s favourite home produced meal is a traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings, according to a survey out this week.
The serach for the UK’s favourite British meal was carried out during August in support of British Food Fortnight which is going on right now.
The idea of the two weeks is to celebrate the variety and breadth of food produced here and includes events and information as well as the backing of the Prince of Wales.
As part of this activity, the Pyrex Cooking Challenge survey asked website visitors to vote from a list of possible dishes that included regional favourites such as Scotch Broth, Cornish pasties, Irish stew, faggots and black pudding.
It’s not clear whether Lancashire hotpot or Manchester Tart was offered but whatever the options the Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding was a clear winner with 30% more votes than fish and chips which claimed second place.
An English cooked breakfast took third place with bangers and mash and shepherds pie in fourth and fifth place respectively.
British Food Fortnight runs until October 8.


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