The Party’s over

The politicos have packed their bags, the journalists have downed their pints and the hangers-on have presumably hung on all the way home now that the Labour Party Conference has made its exit from the city.
And while they no doubt enjoyed their share of Kobe beef at the Radisson , plates of pasta at Stock or beer and sandwiches at some smokey outpost, I’ts a shame us city folk haven’t been offered any party political food items.
You can usually rely on Merv’s in Bridge Street to get into the spirit of major news events with specially created sandwiches and snacks. But when I tripped down there looking for a treat – nothing new on the menu.
I’m so disappointed that I’ve come up with my own suggestions of what could have been offered.

How about a Precott Pesto Punch? It’s an egg sandwich of course with the additional weight of some pesto served on a large, white, doughy bap. Or then there’s Cherie’s Leek in Time Soup – add some disgruntlement, a little mischief, mix well and serve by the ladleful. And of course you would need to finish it all with a Clinton’s Surprise. This sweet, cigar-shaped confection would see a brandy snap, drizzled with treacle and sprinkled with just the right amount of aged cheese.

But then again perhaps our fine sandwich shops were as bored with the conference as the rest of the country – bar us in the media – seemed to be.


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