Take me to the candy shop

Teeth-clenching nut brittle, gob-smaking stoppers, jaw tiring chews, mojos of all colours and uber-synthetic fruit salads……………what a journey of nostalgia sealed with a twist! But what about the spaceships with their ability to zoom straight to the roof of your mouth without any chance of retrieval?
My return from the back of beyond went via a gem of a shop – Candy Andys – where the experience of being a kid in a sweety shop is open to all ages for just a few pennies.
The dentist-defying haul I treated Himself to on my return (pictured) probably has enough Es to keep him on the ceiling for a week but was worth it just for the shopping experience. I picked, I mixed, I got the big screw top containers down from the shelf and knew again the rummage and wonder of a ten-year-olds’ trip out with pocket money. The spaceships won’t be in for a few days though but even that disappointment has its own silver lining – it just means a return visit is now on the cards.


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