Foodie in the city

Where can you go to get sushi for lunch, hand-made chocolates for tea then the trinity of bread, wine and olives for supper? Manchester of course and while we bid a fond farewell to this year’s Manchester Food and Drink Festival its worth just taking stock of where the city is at in the foodie stakes.
My weekend shopping excursion was not an unusual city centre eating experience. First off it was a visit to the improved Arndale food market. What a transformation! After browsing the fresh soup, local produce, and fantastic fish stall I crept behind the sushi conveoyor belt of Wing’s latest development – Dai Pai Dong.
A seafood pad thai for me and satay chicken meatballs for Himself were a spicy, freshly cooked welcome break for each of us and I was left wondering why the sushi bar setting somehow lends itself to a feeling of being part of a hidden scene just watching the world go by. Something to do with the film Lost in Translation perhaps? Onwards, and it was time to buy a gift for my mother’s birthday and this year mum was treated to the hand-made delights of Plaisir du Chocolate (well she is worth it) and then rounding off with a visit to the festival’s last markets. It was so heartening to see the queues of people lining up to sample the local produce or elbowing their way to the front of the freshly produced dips stall. Yes, good food in the city centre has become the accpeted norm thanks in no small part to such events as the festival. Here’s to next year’s.


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