Red hot passion killer

According to a survey out last week, men like it hot. And even if they don’t like it hot, they pretend they to in order to impress us fair maidens.
Domino’s Pizza recently commissioned research on this and found five million men in Britain hold bragging rights to how much spicy food they can tolerate, all to impress their dates and girlfriends.
Asking around I have yet to find any females who find this kind of behaviour impressive. In fact my completely unscientific survey seemed to conclude that women find this sort of machismo a total turn-off.
But it did remind me of a story a friend shared from his army days. While competing for how much chili heat each could stand, one wag apparently pursuaded a dental technician to anesthetise his mouth. After shovelling as much unbearably hot stuff into his mouth and beating all other competitors hands down he was declared the winner.
And the point of this display of manliness? Who knows but given the amount of dribbling often accommpanied by a trip to the dentist, I didn’t think it was even worth asking if there had been any romance on the cards with any ladies unfortunate enough to be there that evening.


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