Chips for a baby?

Now I generally try to keep away from any criticism of other people’s diets. It’s not that there aren’t enough openings for criticism but I realise I’m fortunate in being able to read and so therefore can manage to distinguish between junk and quality. So, if others choose to eat lard for a lifetime, I’m guessing its an informed choice they make and it’s up to them. But today’s news about a baby named after a chip shop and fed on chips and curry sauce has provoked me into a nanny-state type rant. What choice does an 11-month-old have?

The fact that the mother feels the need to fill her face with chips is her own business but is this really the diet to push onto a young child? With a lifetime of obesity to look forward too, doesn’t wider society have the right to step in?

After all won’t the cost to the state of this irresponsible behaviour eventually run into thousands as the health care system swings into action?
And what little girl is going to be proud to be named after a chip shop? The only good thing about this whole situation is that her mum doesn’t live near The Codfather, All Pizzas Great and Small, The Thrill of the Grill or A Salt and Battery.


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