Cooking in the past

If anyone has any clues what Jolop and Purl ashes are, then you could help to solve a cooking mystery from the 1800s.
Reader Eliza contacted me about a labour of love which has led her to scan every recipe in a book she inherited from her grandmother’s grandmother into her blog at
She believes her relative, who lived in Shakespeare Terrace in Newton Heath, ran a cake shop in Miles Platting or Newton Heath – and she would like to know more..
She explained: “I’m scanning it recipe by recipe – Mainly because it entertains me but also because I haven’t the faintest idea what else to do with it!

“Your readers may be able to tell me who Hiley, Foster, Bamber and Metheringham were! .. and maybe what Jolop and Purl ashes are in a Parkin recipe. …and maybe how to cook them. Any recipes with 40 eggs or 14 lb of treacle can’t be all bad.”

So if you can help, please post your comments below and I’ll make sure they get passed on.


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