That’s chicken twice tonight

What is it about blokes? As has been noted on this blog before, men seen to come over all macho when there’s food on offer. Is it a hunter/gatherer thing?
Take this for an example;
It’s two chicken dinners. Not content with ordering up half a roasted chicken with roast spuds, veg and gravy, my dinner companion felt the need to order two. All the meat and roasts came on this one plate, with all the accompaniments on another.
I then had the delight of watching him eat every last morsel – rather like a human pirhana. And just when I thought the ordeal was over, it was time to turn the chicken carcass.

“There’s always some excitment when you turn it over.”

The end result;
And how did he feel? Click here to find out.
Need I say more.
Any doubts left about men’s eating habits – you only have to see this.


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