Sundays, sickness and special times

There’s something so special about Sunday mornings. And this Sunday morning seems more special than most. Having spent the last two days in bed with no food, waking this morning to feel as right as rain – and particularly hungry – has made me appreciate the whole Sunday morning experience all the more.
The last two days have been a stomach-churning nightmare thanks to a hefty dose of food poisoning. It started on Friday morning with a particularly embarrassing vomiting outburst during an important work meeting and continued throughout the day and most of yesterday.

Lesson learned from this experience? When eating potentially dodgy takeaway food; if it doesn’t seem to be hot enough – it isn’t.

But that’s all behind me now and my super-happy Sunday started with breakfast in bed and the Sunday papers. Aaah, bliss! Catching up with the week’s events, apart from the fascinating spy poisioning story, I thought India Knight’s column in the Sunday Times was particularly timely. She’s so right.

Yes, sugar is the devil and it does seem you’ve got to devote your life to doing research in order to even find out what’s really going into your food.

On the subject of the quality of our food, BBC Radio 4 has been doing its bit today with the annual Food and Farming Awards 2006.
It aims to reward good practice in everything from dinner ladies to supermarkets and it’s good to see some local businesses have made it onto the list of nominees.
In the best local food retailer category, Warrington’s Northern Harvest and The Chadwick Family’s Emporium of Fine Foods are both nominated.


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