Here’s to Allen Carr

The news of the rather ironic demise of anti-smoking guru Allen Carr was greeted with some sadness in our household.
Himself and I have been smoke-free for a number of years now thanks to the former convert. And I’m happy in the knowlegde that I may have helped him towards his multi-millionaire status as his “easy way to stop smoking” worked for us where plenty of others failed.
But what’s this got to do with food? you cry. Well apart from the fact that giving up smoking allowed us to truly enjoy our food and actually develop taste buds, Mr Carr’s methods also saved us from being the type of people in restuarants who prompt you to ask to be moved.
We both now cringe with embarrassment at the occassion in an Indian restaurant where we had determinedly smoked our way through a good many cigarettes, barely pausing to shovel down some overly spiced fodder.
Throwing down two plates of barely touched food, a man from a nearby table sparked a momentary halt in the puffing:

“I do hope my food doesn’t put you off your smoking”

he declared before storming out. Stunned, at the time we felt a bit affronted but since have often wished I could summon up the courage to deliver the same line with such effect.


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