Being a domestic goddess: Day four

After last night’s adventures I’ve returned to the wise words of Nigella Lawson’s How to be a Domestic Goddess to get through the day. As she says, “there really are times when only chocolate will do”.
So I’ve turned to her chocolate and orange cake for solace. She describes this as a “store-cupboard” cake and says it can be made in a “few minutes once you get home from work”.
I have to disagree on the first point – dark chocolate doesn’t sit around for long enough in our store cupboard – but will conceed on the second point. It really is so quick that I’ve even made and baked one while guests settle to their first cup of tea.
Wow, there must be some domestic goddessery in me after all!
My resulting chocolate delight looked perhaps a little flatter and less curvy than Nigella’s but there you go, that’s my life summed up in one baking experience.


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