Is Italian the new Indian?

When the bill arrived rather too promptly after the curry, one of our party picked it up and promptly ripped the piece of paper into small pieces.
A little harsh? What had so offended her?
Along with the bill, delivered at 9.20pm. was a note “this table is booked out at 9.15”.
We had been evicted from our spot – the same location we have taken up every Friday for many, many months now.
And apart from the fact that we like the food, the main reason we go to the same place every week is because the service is so friendly, they know what we like to eat, they do us special dishes and we can stay put all night.
So what’s gone wrong? This week the service ws a bit sulky and we felt like our custom was being taken for granted just to pull in a few extra covers for the Christmas rush. It could be a costly decision for the restaurant as next week’s meal is already off and no more have yet been arranged.
With our backs up we made a call to a local Italian restaurant, the Napoli in Glossop’s Henry Street, and got a table for dessert, coffees and drinks.
The host Tony is one of those front of house servers which Italian restaurants do best. The walls are adourned with images of him proudly displaying his special ribs and other offers and every customer gets the full welcoming treatment. tonywine.jpg
He greeted us with a glass of the house red wine to taste. When we decided against it he appeared with this choice selection.
And then there was the huge portions of tiramisu – three to share between us was more than plenty and they were certainly good with just the right level of marsala.
There were more drinks, coffees and our usual good night out was back on course.

It’s not that complicated. There are six of us, we go out every Friday, we enjoy our food, we like to end the week with copious amounts of alcohol and we’re very loyal customers.

So if there are any restaurateurs out there who think they could cater for us (we spend between £15-20 per head) then leave your details via the comments below.
Otherwise I think Italian could be the new Indian.


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