Tell us what you think so we can ignore you

When did it start? The “let us know what you think”, “give us your feedback” on even the most basic food item. It’s there on smoothies, yoghurt, cheeses, ready meals and even lunch-time sandwiches. So what happens if someone actually does bother?
I decided to give one such company the benefit of my thoughts on their sandwich. For some reason called “Bugsy” this butty is now sold at Boots and is made by
As I told them, there wasn’t enough houmous and the bread was too thick but apart from that I thought the carrot (presumably why it’s named after a rabbit) and AlfAlfa sprouts were good.
I also recommended a possible new addition to their line – Halloumi cheese with olive or basil pesto.
So what do I get for my trouble? Well so far not even an automated “thanks”.
So what’s in it for me? Any responses and I’ll let you know.
How have your suggestion to food companies been received? Let me know below.


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