Yes, it is Christmas

OK, the time has finally come. I’ve avoided all mention of it until now but with just a week to go there’s no holding back – it’s time to consider Christmas food.
This year I am spared the stress and hassle of providing the annual feast which means I can look forward to it all the more.
And whether you’re a traditional turkey household or are looking forward to something more unusual such goose, beef or perhaps even fish, one of the best things about Christmas lunch has got to be the excuse to do interesting things with the vegetables.
Boiling or steaming may do for the other 364 days of the year, but thankfully even the most conservative cook will usually try something different in the season of indulgence.

If could be as simple as adding some nutmeg to the swede, putting a stock cube in the water for the Brussels or sprinkling some carraway seeds over the carrots.

Or you could dress each individual vegetable dish with its own sauce. This treatment of green beans caught my eye as the mustard sauce would make a robust accompaniment to stronger tasty meats.
Let me know how you get on with it.
Why not share your Christmas lunch with other blog readers. Send me your picture of Christmas lunch, tell me what’s in it and I’ll publish it here – don’t forget to send your name and address too.
You can also send the picture from your mobile phone to 07841 996 767. Whatever way you choose, please put the word CHRISTMAS in the subject line.

Thanks to MMS0131 for taking the different seasonal pic I’ve used on this article.


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