In praise of Stilton

ONE of the best things about Christmas has to be the excuse to have a cheese board in the home at all times.
And the king of cheese, Stilton has to take its place on the throne of the cheese kingdom.

Just what is it that makes Stilton so perfect? It’s creamy, yet crumbly. It holds it’s shape but is surprisingly soft. It’s sweet but piquant all at the same time.

Here’s some top Stilton facts from the Stilton Cheesemaker’s Association
•One of a handful of British cheeses granted the status of a “protected designation origin” (PDO) by the European Commission.
• Stilton can only be made in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire
• It takes 136 pints milk (78 litres) to make one 17 lb (8kg) Stilton cheese
• Stilton takes its name from the village of the same name in Cambridgeshire although the cheese has never been made there.
* Stilton freezes well and can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.
What more can be said? Pass the port.
* Don’t forget to share your Christmas with me and the rest of the world by sending in your lunch pictures.
Here’s what to do;
1. Save the following number to your phone: 07841 996 767.
2. Make sure you have your phone camera set to the highest resolution.
3. Take your picture and add your caption underneath, making sure you put the word “CHRISTMAS” in the text and include your name, location and phone number.
4. Send it to your saved number (07841 996 767)
Or, send them by email to
I’ll start publishing them on Boxing Day so don’t forget to check back on this blog.
Have a merry Christmas lunch.


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