The winners are……

The lucky winner of the tickets to the Establishment NYE grand ball is Kevin Linehan of Tyldesley, Greater Manchester.
His name was picked out of the 1,836 entries we received during the week to spend New Year’s enjoying seven gourmand courses at Establishment in the city centre.
Hope you enjoy it Kevin, why not let us know what it was like or send me some pictures.
* Don’t forget to share your Christmas with me and the rest of the world by sending in your lunch pictures.
Here’s what to do;

1. Save the following number to your phone: 07841 996 767.
2. Make sure you have your phone camera set to the highest resolution.
3. Take your picture and add your caption underneath, making sure you put the word “CHRISTMAS” in the text and include your name, location and phone number.
4. Send it to your saved number (07841 996 767)
Or, send them by email to
I’ll start publishing them on Boxing Day so don’t forget to check back on this blog.
Have a merry Christmas lunch.


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