How was it for you?

So that’s it then. All over for another year. The stress of anticipating the family row, the joy of Brussels and that hangover of all hangovers – all finished with.
How was it for you?
Were your carrots soggy or your brandy sauce solid? Did the timings work out like clockwork or was the bird cold? Whatever your Christmas was like, you can share it all with us here.
Here’s a snap of my lunch, complete with a generous helping of Guinea fowl. And it may be the only time these words are uttered by me – thank goodness for small children.
Well small children who have no sense of adventure with their food anyway as, while they argued over how much chicken they could have, the sight and smell of Guinea fowl and pheasant turned them off – leaving all the more for Aunty Sarah!
* Don’t forget to share your Christmas with me and the rest of the world by sending in your lunch pictures.
Here’s what to do;
1. Save the following number to your phone: 07841 996 767.
2. Make sure you have your phone camera set to the highest resolution.
3. Take your picture and add your caption underneath, making sure you put the word “CHRISTMAS” in the text and include your name, location and phone number.
4. Send it to your saved number (07841 996 767)
Or, send them by email to

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