Cranachan with raspberries

With New Year’s Eve fast approaching it seemed fitting to get a little inspiration from Scotland for a seasonal recipe. This version of Cranachan is pretty traditional and comes from British Regional Food.
What you need:
(serves four)
60g medium oatmeal
150g raspberries
600ml double cream
4tbsp runny honey
4tbsp malt whisky
What you should do:
Scatter the oatmeal on a baking tray and toast in a low oven or under a medium grill until golden. You’ll have to watch it closely or it may burn.
Blend 50g of the raspberries in a liquidiser until smooth.
Whip the double cream until stiff, then stir in the honey and whisky, and mix well but do not over-whip.
Fold in 50g of the oatmeal, then fold in the raspberry puree to form a rippled effect.
Spoon the mixture into glass coupes or a serving dish, then scatter the rest of the raspberries and oatmeal on the top.
Verdict: The beauty of this dish is that it’s so simple to make while also managing to be indulgent.
British Regional Food, by Mark Rix, is published by Quadrille, priced £25. Out now.
Have you got a recipe for me? If so, send it with a photo of yourself and tell me who you are. If it looks tasty enough, I’ll try it out.


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