End of year kitchen nightmares

gnocchiing.jpg The recipe made it all look so simple. Just a handful of ingredients to make a delicious Italian starter – ricotta and spinach gnocchi.
Thanks to Christmas, I now have what is described on the cover as “the bible of authentic Italian cooking” called The Silver Spoon and planned to spend today creating fantastic little dishes to delight Himself (and the occassional seasonal caller).
Maybe the muse just isn’t with me today. It all started quite well. I wilted the spinach with just a little water, as described. Then drained it as well as I could do first with a saucepan lid, then with kitchen towels.
Mixed in the ricotta and beaten egg. I made them into balls and dusted them lightly with flour. But they still seemed too wet, hardly holding their shape at all.
Once I’d dropped a couple into the pan there was no way these were going to form into the tasty little dumplings I had been hoping for.
This is what they looked like in the book. Just mouthwatering!
In desperation I added another egg to the mixture but still ended up aith a saucepan full of chopped spinach.
So, what to do? Rather than keep wasting the ingredients, the cheesey, eggy spinach mixture came in handy as a layer in a rather hastily concocted lasagne.
Oh well, tomorrow’s a whole new day.

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