Still looking for a hangover cure?

Happy New Year! Today’s the day when everyone is traditionally searching for a hangover cure. And there’s plenty of help on offer. A quick search on Google alone offered 933,000 solutions.
Here’s some of the help at hand if you’re still suffering;
* Toast with honey. Tried that out a few times but limited success.
* The vitamin supplement Berocca. Never tried this so would be interested to hear from anyone who has.
* Tablets with a specially concocted smoothie type drink – recipe here;
* New England clam chowder. I can’t begin to imagine how this would help anyone. Perhaps if you feel well enough to eat chowder, you’re not that bad anyway.
* Various hair of the dog recipes which usually involve vodka. Come on how can this work? Even if you wanted another drink you know there’s no logic in it. This one would see off most ailments!
My personal solution. One high dose vitamin C tablet (1,000 mg), at least four mugs of Yorkshire tea with milk, protein of some type – beans, cheese, eggs or preferably all three.
It works, trust me.
If you’ve found something that works – don’t keep it to yourself, share it here.
Image thanks to Jimmy Legs.


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