Detox my a**e!

Maybe its a little New Year grumpiness that I’m, feeling. Or perhaps it’s something to do with being another year older, some sort of grumpy old woman syndrome, that’s provoking this rant.
I’m guessing I’ll be shot down in flames by plenty for this view – probably mostly of my own fair sex too!
But really come on and show some sense before you finally do blow the bank balance – eating cake, chocolate and chips all year and then having a week of nothing but smoothies will not make you slim, younger, more attractive or witty.
Everyone seems to be on a detox at the moment. But why? I’m all for healthy eating but it’s a year long activity not an expensive salve for your conscience for the first week of January each year.
Apprently , more than 100,000 people will also join a gym this month. Great! How many will still be active members come December though and not just paying through the nose for a forgotten standing order? Thousands of pounds will be spent on lotions nad potions to detox…….. but then it’ll be business as usual in the staff canteens next week.

So what’s the point? Is the message that eating fruit and veg, cutting out sugar, quitting fried food and moderating booze really just too dull to sell?

In an online poll on this website last week, almost half of the respondants claimed their New Year’s resolution was to eat more healthily. Great, so what’s stopping you? It’s hardly like looking for the Holy Grail in fact it’s hard to avoid the health food evangelical merchants of doom these days.
Here’s the rules in two well known lines; 1. Do everything in moderation and 2. A little of what you fancy does you good.


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