Fed up of reality TV yet?

No this isn’t an excuse to have a long rant about Celebrity Big Brother (although the selection of housemates promises to make it compulsive viewing and what is it with Davina’s new pram face look?). I’ve got wind of a new reality television show that could feature your favourite food – or even you.
The people who brought us The Vicar of Dibley are making a show where chefs are asked to make “healthy” versions of gastropub style comfort food.

Quite how fish and chips or steak and kidney pudding will fare isn’t clear to me yet but John Hodgson from Tiger Aspect explained that he’s got a challenge on his hands to find some new cooking talent.

So that the show isn’t entirely London-centric (and let’s face it, too many are), he is appealing for local chefs with a passion for healthy food to get in touch.
So if you think this could be your 15 minutes if fame, give him a ring on 0207 434 6910 for more information. Or, if you can think of a local chef for whom opportunity should knock, then leave their details below and I’ll pass it on.


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