Pimp up the Bettys

ON the day before 12th night it seems almost indecent to be talking about Easter but in truth I’ve had the details of chocolatiers Bettys offerings sitting on my desk for almost a month and I see the billboard posters for Crème Eggs are already up in Manchester. Is there no rest for the confectionery gluten?
Turning first to Bettys: “Are you. like us already thinking about Easter. No sooner have we returned the Christmas cake tin and pudding basins to Bettys Craft Bakery storeroom, than it’s time for our Head Chocolatier Robin Kendall, to start brushing off our Easter Egg mould in preparation for Spring.” So starts the suitably gentle introduction to the preview of the Easter range from the Yorkshire specialists. (You can almost hear the Heartbeat theme music playing can’t you?)
They go to explain that the 2007 range is inspired by sgraffito artwork which is used to decorate the facades of Alpine chalets and involves hand piped flowers, scrolls and delicate beading.
I’m relieved to see that you can order anything from the Swiss design dark chocolate egg (£17.50) to the extraordinary looking milk chocolate egg with sweet peas (£37.50) by post at www.bettysbypost.com. Someone special could be getting a treat from me there!
At the other end of the spectrum. Welcome back to Crème Eggs! creme.bmp
Before you start posting,

I know they’ve never really been away. It’s just that I look away for the rest of the year because I do have a fondness for the sickly sweet inside and the whole disgustingness of eating them – tongue sticking and all!

But my sugary desire doesn’t stretch as far as this monster version. Weighing in at a whopping 2.25 kg and estimate to contain 10,000 calories, this is the pimped up version – the crème de le crème egg. It comes complete with specially created fondant and even extra large hand-painted wrapping.
The making of this beast can bee seen in all its stages at the brilliant Pimp That Snack here.
Wow, what a labour of chocoholic love!
Have you ever pimped a snack – go on share it below.


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