One of life’s small problems solved

Problem: Why is it that if you make sandwiches at home, you always want to eat them two hours before lunchtime? If you don’t have any, there’s no great urge to go out and buy them early so why the craving for the home-produced variety? It happens whatever the choice of filling and whatever time lunch-time is due to be.
I have a personal theory that I’m developing. It goes something like this ……when the humble sandwich is created at home, late at night, its creator is already quite hungry. This starts the digestive process of anticipation running even before you’ve been to sleep.

All through the night, your subconscious wrestles with the idea of you cheese and beetroot bap or the tuna and mayo sub which is hiding in its cling film shroud in the dark recesses of the fridge.

Then breakfast comes along – but because it’s not the much anticipated lunchtime snack – it doesn’t hit the spot.
The hunger continues until you can’t stand it any more and break open the Tupperware at 11am.
Solution: Make a second sandwich which is just for the 11am stage.


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