@ Watersreach

The first review of the year – and the standard set is high.
Batter: I was a bit unsure about the batter at first sight. It looked as if it had the potential to be a bit soggy but I should have known better and had a little faith in chef Stuart Plant’s abilities. When I cut into it it was crisp and melting – not quite a tempura batter but not far off.
Fish: The fish was perfect white flakes which just fell apart. vinegar.jpg
Vinegar:Of the brown malt variety. Personally I think the Scots get it right by serving the distilled clear variety but I’ve never yet seen it this side of the border. Here the vinegar was served in this silly splashy vessel which meant a lurching glug of vinegar instead of a good shake with a properly designed bottle.
Chips:Good but nothing special.
Mushy peas: Excellent. But while excellent they may be with just the right consistency, and no fancy mint additions or anything silly like that, they attracted an extra charge of £1.95. Isn’t the point of having a set price menu the fact you don’t have any extras?
Tea: Not really a mug of tea sort of place. Decent wine by the glass though.
Price: High. Fish and chips was a main course in a set price meal which was £15.95 for two courses.
Verdict:The best restaurant fish and chips I’ve had in Manchester for a good long while.
Watersreach is at Golden Tulip Manchester, Trafford Park, Manchester. M17 1WS. 0161 873 8899


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