Pub grubs on the menu

A case of real pub grub hit the news this week. Or should I say pub grubs. The Moonraker pub in Leigh is serving up caterpillars (pictured) for some reason.
I find this trend rather disturbing. Chocolate covered ants, crocodile curry and all the other bush tucker style offerings don’t count as culinary adventure in my book.
Apparently it’s a successful move – which doesn’t surprise me. After all serving up strange dishes involving unsuspecting creatures from far-off lands seems to attract the same sort of machismo as super red hot curries or consuming worms at the end of Tequila bottles.
I’m sure there will be dishes as yet undiscovered even in our well-explored world but why not enjoy them (if you must) when visiting their environment? Developing markets for such exotica seems to be a sure-fire way of seeing off some species which might only be abundant because the number of predators is limited.


One thought on “Pub grubs on the menu

  1. i’ve tried the moonrakers caterpillars! they’re…different lol n the reason they’re served there is the pub owner, Portia, decided to bring some traditional african foods over here 🙂


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